Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Departure, Boarding Now

Hi There, this new blog of mine has been a bit slow to take off (pardon the puns, can't help myself !).  But I have been traveling again recently and have some new content for posts in InFlightChat.  Some tips for travelers.  Some stories to share from my travels.  Maybe a rant here or there.  Travel used to be glamourous and exciting.  And for some people it still is exciting.  I love to get to work with other people and experience other places.  But travel is not glamourous any more, it is a hard piece of work to do.  Tips on how to keep one's sanity  and grace (as much as can be done) can be useful !

So who am I to have something to say on this topic ?  I travel a fair bit...I did 6 round the world trips for business last year, each of 4+ weeks duration on the average, and visiting 6-10 countries and that many or more cities.  Occasionally I also travel for personal vacations.  In the course of logging air miles, hotel nights, and other aspects of international business travel, I have come up with my own ways of coping and keeping productive.  I will share some of these in coming posts.

Today's post finds me at home in South Australia, in raging hot summer weather (tipped to be 43 C today, that is about 109 F !).  I have just returned  from arctic chilly Chicago this past week and am relieved to be back.  This is my second transpacific return trip from overseas in a month's time.

More soon, check back for the first of a short series of posts on Packing for on the go Business Travel (effective techniques also for non business travel).

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