Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Actor

Dear Mr Seat 2A;

It was a pleasure to meet you and talk during our flight this past week.  Though I did not recognise you, I could tell you were someone famous or important by all the people wanting to be photographed with you in the gate area before boarding the flight.  And also from everyone who said hello to you as they walked by on the plane.

Later, I wondered if I would have said anything different to you if I had known who you are ?  In contemplation, no.  I would not have.  I know I did not ask too much about what you were doing or working on, because I think perhaps very famous people get asked that sort of thing all the time, and maybe it is a bit boring or ordinary.  I did look you up online though and now realise you are very famous an actor indeed.   (Wow !)

I enjoyed our conversation though…you have a great sense about you and have a very supportive and kind manner.  I found that lovely and it matches you in many ways.  I also liked talking about the book you were reading at the time.  Now I have gone online and seen you have put an opinion out there about politics, I think perhaps my remark that USA seems to have politically “lost its way” may have sounded true to you too.

You were very kind to show an interest in the floor plans and renovation design work I was doing during the flight.  I was surprised to hear you ask if I had been trained.  Truly I am an amateur at this.  No training. But also true that I would love to do this as a next career or activity, merge the practical fact of transforming something in a renovation with design principles and aesthetics.  I thought you were very encouraging in your comments on my work and thank you for that.  I did not think it was anything all so special, but this has somehow given me a confidence to consider it all more deeply.  Perhaps I should follow this interest with more seriousness.  Who knows where it could lead ?

I loved the question you asked, “what attracted you to this particular house ?”  Such a great question too, open ended (a good feature of intelligent questions).  Interested.  And curious.  I am not sure my answer as so impressive, but if someone asks me this again, it will be better !  IN fact, I was attracted by the look, history of the old house, and a sense or romance of its verandah overlooking the street and town….and the challenge of restoring it to a graceful and glorious state and a wonderful home.  So, romance and a great challenge…these should keep me busy awhile !

You asked me about living in the country.  I really do look forward to that.  Though I found it amusing you said, “but you are a go-getter.”  Is that true ?  I suppose it is.  Does this mean I might not fit in or be comfortable in a slower paced sort of place ? Will I fit into the country lifestyle ?  Am I deluding myself thinking that I can shrink the go-getter aspect of my world and set it down just anywhere ? Can I make my world small enough to still have my best go getter ways and yet also gain some simplicity and peace in my life ? For you see, I desire to make room to do things that matter and that are too easy to put off amidst distractions of living in a suburb of a bigger city.  I think all the time, but I hope to have more peace to allow me to consider how to act more and better on that thinking. 

What an elegant persona you are, I admired that you have an easy and relaxed way about you and also all in place, and terribly elegant too.  Later, after I realised who you are, I thought perhaps my interests seemed very ordinary to you.  Though perhaps the fact I am doing certain things for myself rather than hiring people to do them for me, was intriguing or interesting to you.  It occurs to me that you have all the means and people to do things for you any time you want.  Perhaps you do not have time or opportunity to do things yourself that in other circumstances you might.  But I meant it when I said I look forward to the ability to have creative control over the project and things.  It made me think, do you get to have creative control over the things you want ?  Or is that too far removed from where you are ?

Further, this got me to thinking.  You can probably have or acquire pretty much whatever you want.  Do you ?  Do you have what you want ?  Are you happy ?  If you could change things, what would you change ?  I wondered also, do I have what I want ?  Even though I don’t have anywhere near your means to easily obtain things or do things I might like…it occurs to me, I have a lot of good grace and fortune and also choices.  Am I using them how I want ?  How I wish ? 

I admire tremendously your speaking out for the causes you believe, including political commentary you have made this year.  Controversial yes, but gutsy and courageous too.  And you have the opportunity to get a message out because of who you are.  So you can share the message more broadly than many.  Interestingly, I agree with many of your remarks in your reading of a letter to the people in March this year.  Not all, but many and I think your main point is so true.  We need to look around and see what is really going on.  I have seen comments on line that some people think this is all a bit paranoid, but I am not sure I agree.  And, there is something to be said for putting a strong message out there, because over time and replays, messages become diluted and distorted.  So I think you have shown real courage and I greatly respect your making and taking a stand. 

Well, I did not give you a card or share any details to stay in touch.  Among other things, you have enough people trying to get time and attention from you, you don’t need me adding to the clutter and clamour.  I was happy to head off the plane and out the terminal and had a lovely dinner with my son, before he returned me to LAX for my night flight home to Sydney. 

Thanks for a great chat during the flight, your lovely sense of interest and encouraging style.  Meeting you and thinking about what a different life you must have has given me a lot to consider and think about.  And, it has encouraged me to do something I have thought about a long time.  I should stand up for what I believe in and what I want.  Why not ?  What am I waiting for ?

Sincerely Yours,
Ms Seat 2B

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