Monday, May 21, 2012

What to Pack: Another Work Trip

Soon it will be time to hit the road, the next business trip is about to start.  Several weeks out, so I need to think through packing.  Especially since the first week has me first in Asia and then UK and hitting the ground running for work agenda in both locations.  This trip is a bit simpler than the previous, with all destinations in Northern Hemisphere.  But given it is now cold and wintry here, I need to find summer things to pack !

It is always  an interesting task to work out how much to take and, what.  The task for a work trip is centred around how many days I will be in a single place with the same people, or a before I need to and can do a cycle of laundry in one of the hotels.  I need to also think ahead about transit outfits, to wear when traveling.  I always have something that can go from plane to office, though I prefer opportunity to change if I can.  I always have an outfit in my wheel aboard, so that plus what I am wearing give me two days of clothes, and those could be laundered to make 4.  It is enough time for the odd lost luggage problem to be resolved.

The real determinant of transit and work clothes is SHOES.  The packed bag and carry on will really only allow so many shoes (usually three or four, plus what I am wearing).  Transit and work day shoes need to be work suitable (no sneakers or thongs !).  Wearing work suitable shoes on flights is a bit dull, it would be nicer to wear comfy slipper like shoes.  But alas, I don't wish to carry an extra set of dressier shoes usually.  The wheel aboard is full as it is with all the take-with necessaries.  Weekend clothes and workout clothes also get packed.  But less critical for planning than the work and transit wardrobe.

My cases at the moment are a 29" Rimowa Salsa Deluxe in Dark Brown.  For the past year I had a 26' of this same case, but was always finding it a bit cramped for trips over 2 weeks.  I do many for 3-5 weeks, so a bigger case was in order.  I prefer this to having to have a second checked bag for the whole trip.  And my carry-on is a Mandarina Duck small sized wheel aboard, a model discontinued now I think.  I had one in blue for years and when it asked to retire, I bought the last of a like model in black.  It would be nicer to have a larger one, but this one is very civilised, I can hoist into overhead bins myself, and it fits on board on everything except the smallest propeller sort of jets.  I also carry a hand bag, but it varies depending on season, what my destinations are, how large a shoulder bag I want to lug around, etc.  A also take a Longchamp Le Pliage bag in the pocket of the Mandarina wheel aboard.  This can be used as a handbag, or for my work laptop or files when I am on location.

I travel with a wardrobe base of what I call Uncrushable Black.  This has been referred to as my "uniform"...which is a nice way to look at it.  The workhorses of the travel uniform wardrobe are a black jersey skirt and a silk tunic for summer.  The silk tunic is replaced by a micro fibre jersey top in other seasons.  The jacket or cardigan choice for these is based on destination climate.  Hosiery, heels (or flats), scarves and jewellery make it into an outfit.  Jersey slacks work on flights, with a jersey cardigan.  All Uncrushable Black, of course !

Stay tuned, for some posts soon on personalities and characters I'll meet on this trips inflight chats.  I have lots of flight time, some long flights.  And I always meet really interesting people along the way ;)

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